Overbearing sister in law

I am extremely appalled. Living with my in laws has been peaceful, but when the sister in law comes (Everyday, btw) she is getting too overwhelming. She used to barge into my room every morning when I just gave birth to carry my child down, and she never lets go. She always carries her. My child is coming 5 months. I’ve been holding this in for 5 months. I WFH now, and I was just taking a rest with my child, playing with her letting her watch the tv (yes it’s bad but I control her screen time) she and her son knocked my door loudly, came in without me saying anything, pretend to talk to my child and tells her “let’s go down and play with korkor” and just leaves. I was stunned beyond belief I couldn’t utter a single word. I am at my limit. Someone, please advise me before I go mad. Living in this house has gotten worse overtime.

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Did you ever discuss with your husband about this? How about moving out of the house and staying on your own? Your scenario is much better than me cause now am staying with my parents but they ain't helping me to look after my child, I'm taking care of my baby since she's born, everyday my father will always say bad things about me or my baby in front of us. It's giving pressure me, Sigh.. :( We're now am waiting for the keys to my BTO flat.

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11mo ago

Yes - prior to our wedding he asked if I’d like to stay with his parents or alone. I said I’m ok to stay with his parents, given that he’s the only son, provided his sister shifts out. All that happened but seems worse cause she comes over every day. I mean like every.Day. Sorry to hear about your situation, hang on tight your keys are coming and I’m sure everything will be great! I only wished I chose to stay alone :(