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When I just found out that I’m pregnant my hubby actually asked if she can help us to clean a lil bit here and there at our place during confinement, which he will also order confinement tingkat for his mum and myself so that she don’t have to cook (she can’t cook either), she said OK NO PROBLEM. A week later she told us she changed her mind because she doesn’t wanna have any conflict with me which is totally fine. She did not show any interest or show concern to me during my 9 months of pregnancy which I think it’s fine so Long she don’t give any problem. She told my hubby her coach purse is in bad condition and I took it as a hint to buy her a new LV wallet (when I’m not even working so no income) and then she told me that she doesn’t like the design. Which reminds me that I ever bought her a LV bag for her birthday and she also complain that the bag strap is too painful for her to carry. After I gave birth the very first day discharge from hospital, we went back to my in laws place to have lunch with them. And for the next one week, MIL has been visiting our place to see baby which I felt annoyed at that point because I’m still recovering and needing to latch my baby from time to time or skin to skin. She have not been very helpful with changing the diaper etc. So basically she just want to carry baby when baby is ok but once baby cry she will pass it back to me, or even if baby need to change diaper she will ask me to do it. Which I take it because it’s my own baby anyway. Moving on. For past 2 months she’s constantly falling sick on and off (cough and flu). So each time my hubby called to check if she’s feeling better, she will say act very weak and crave for my husbands attention, care and concern. I even drop her texts to tell her to drink more water, get well soon etc. Then my hubby will say if she’s not getting any better maybe we will go home another day to visit as baby is still young & baby’s immune system is weak which then she will reply “nevermind you can come la I will just stay in the room, let daddy and the rest play with baby” or either she will reply “Oh no la now my cough and flu much better”. But believe it or not when we go back to visit, she’s stil coughing badly. My baby is about 2 months + now, every single day I have been sending pictures of my baby to our family group chat to cheer her up. Sometimes she will even call me a few times to ask me to send MORE pictures and videos which can be annoying at times because I’m a stay at home mom with no helper and nanny so I have to do all chores by myself. We have been going back to visit them 3-4 times a week. Which I think can be very tiring for me because each time we go back to visit for 5-6 hours then when I reach home I have to rush to shower baby, feed baby, then keep my laundry, shower, etc. During CNY eve dinner one of my hubby relative commented that I’m very good as I can handle my baby and do everything by myself, must be very hard on me then my MIL cut into our conversation and say that HER SON ALSO DID ALOT OK? Also, some of hubby relatives commented that my baby look more like me then she will then say “NO LAH LOOK MORE LIKE MY SON”. Sometimes I just feel that she doesn’t acknowledge my hardwork and non stop praising her son. I’m just feeling so exhausted with all this.

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No need to b so close to in law. The more interaction, the more pek CEk... mil is never satisfied with daughter in law.. my hub also bought a few long champ bags for her but she dont appreciate and give her daughter... always wanting attention from my hub yet she dont bother her daughter. I insisted they come over to our house if they wan to see my son esp now I'm in my 2nd preg. I dont like to eat their house coz I will b the one washing the dishes for the whole family... so right from beginning of the marriage, I set my ground rules to my hub. If he wan to visit his parents, go ahead, dont force me if I dont wan to join... if not I sure blood boil everytime...she is also the cause that we almost divorce in our 1st 3 mths of marriage..

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I jz hope that your husband cn speak up for you right away whenever mil comments on something. Like when she says her son does alot too, your husband should quickly counter "eh nolah.. My wife is a super wife, i am sooooo grateful to have her." You try talk to your husband and ask him to teamwrk abit, to counter his mum, of course in a nice way. So it helps you feel better and makes you stronger. You know you got your husband's bck whenever. That's the least he cn do. And also nooo need to share alotof photos and vids. The best precious memories belongs to you and husband exclusively. Take care thr. Thank you for sharing. Hugs 💪🏻💪🏻

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I ignore all so call **in-law** totally I'm not trying to be rude, I still respect them but I will not talk much with them. My husband always tell me, NO NEED BUY THEM anything, they won't appreciate, all I need to do is give them MONEY Visit them 3-4 times per week is too much, u may want to consider reduce it and spend more quality time with your own family I'm not agree with my hubby sending them photo video also, we have our own life own work to do, the more u send the more demanding they are, they will ask for more and expecting you to send them everyday without fail

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My MIL come our place everyday as hubby is working. The reason is if she is at our place she can help me see baby and i can have some rest. End up she will.give my LO his feeding burp and sometimes cant even out my LO to sleep. The best part she feeding my LO she is sleeping as well. And to be honest i also dun get a chance to even nap for 30mins even if she is here. Another thing is i even have to cook and wash the dishes if she or the enitre family is here. Just saying all of these cuz its tiring also staying up late waking early in the morning and dun even have the help .

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You are doing great my dear. It's hard work and very tiring to take care of baby and house chores alone, especially considering all the disrupted sleep you probably face at night for breastfeeding etc. As for in laws, most of us seem to agree that they are best ignored. Learn the art of not giving a damn and life will get much better. It's hard to believe that you have to travel 3-4 times a week to visit them. I would let them visit me during certain hours and not allowed entry if anyone is sick so prevent spreading.

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I have an annoying MIL too that i dont appreciate her help at all, so we've refused any help from her and she only visits on Sundays. We only let her carry and play with baby. She hasnt said the most pleasant things to me especially on important occasions like our wedding, cny, my pregnancy. Now she'd also tall nonsense and bullshit to baby. I have to keep telling her off because babies understand and it affects them. I dont talk to her anymore, I'd only respect her as sn elderly that's all.

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Monsters in law don’t tend to change, you’re right to rant and get it off your chest. What you can change is your perspectives towards them. ‘Aiya they gave me my lovely husband’ etc. Don’t let her negativity affect you.

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Visit less, reduce contact, don't bother giving "just because her wallet is broken" type of gifts if she doesn't know how to appreciate them. 3-4 times a week is wayyy too much, where do u even get the time to do anything else??

hugs hugs. gd to rant out. dun keep things in ur heart. anything talk to ur husband. u r doing a great job.

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You are doing such a great job! Just ignore her. Don’t let her get onto ur nerve, not worth ur time & energy