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Now im 33weeks of pregnancy. Just want to know how to control weight. Starting 30 weeks i had gain so much weight. So far, i don't hve diabetes or blood pressure but still got to worry if gain so much weight affect my baby. huhuhu.

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x pe x akan efek kt bby pun.yg pting truskan je mkn maknan berkhasiat & bnykkan mnum air masak..dan yg pting jaga jgn smpai ada kencing manis pun alami bnda ni msa pregnant..alhamdulillah x de apa2

same here. no worry. as long as doctor doesnt say anything about it, it’s ok. just eat what you want as long it is healthy for you and the baby. and not to forget, drink a lot of plain water :)

Same problem with me. Drink more plain water, less sugar, less sodium intake. Eat more oats. It helps me much to maintain the weight.

having a small portion of meal but take it frequently. u can have nuts as snack. it help much to handle hunger. hehehe

Sama lah. Skrg dah 34weeks makin kerap lapar. Dah makan pun kejap lg lapar lg. 😁

I control my food intake..& i eat more cereal than heavy @ main course 😅