Now being in the 3rd trimester, j can hardly find a good position to sleep at night without having to wake up 3-4 times. Also because now the bladder is being pressured. It breaks my sleep and I will be tired during the day. Any suggestions?

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I feel it too. Huhuu. Sometimes I wake up at early night. Then play game until 5 pm. After 8am I sleep again.. Hahaa.

I feel u darling

Same here😔

same here

i feel you

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Same here... but i get thirsty in the middle of the night. It wakes me up. what i do is drink a glass of water then i go to toilet. About sleep... at first i just lay in many position. I lay a bit straight and put the square pillow at my back. Then ive got more comfortable... i lay at my left side and cuddle the pillow n put my leg on it... sweet dream

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Stretching helped me a lot. Every night whenever I feel uncomfortable, I'll do simple stretches. Hope it helps you too.

M tired already

12mo ago

Do be tired please. You are almost there

Same here. But when am so restless, I look out for a cool place and lay down. There,I can sleep till morning without disturbance

Same here, do wake to start rolling