Now being in the 3rd trimester, j can hardly find a good position to sleep at night without having to wake up 3-4 times. Also because now the bladder is being pressured. It breaks my sleep and I will be tired during the day. Any suggestions?

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Stretching helped me a lot. Every night whenever I feel uncomfortable, I'll do simple stretches. Hope it helps you too.

we bought a maternity pillow on carousell for about $52 .. super worth it. now we have 2 !! lol coz my girls find it so comfy! !

Ooops, no wonder! I love teas, and milo and coffee! I limit my intake of coffee and Milo to once a week, but I still drink tea like once a day. Singapore weather is so warm and humid, I drink water at


Hey I'm 32 weeks as well and i feel ur pain. I didn't invest in a pregnancy pillow. Just keep one under my tummy and other behind my back. My husband massages my back and legs at night. It helps me re


Now the many many pillows also not helping... Really hard to sleep at night and I tend to sleep on my left, my baby keeps me awake as well by kicking and moving a lot. :) week 32 already... Just a bit