Now being in the 3rd trimester, j can hardly find a good position to sleep at night without having to wake up 3-4 times. Also because now the bladder is being pressured. It breaks my sleep and I will be tired during the day. Any suggestions?

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Hey I'm 32 weeks as well and i feel ur pain. I didn't invest in a pregnancy pillow. Just keep one under my tummy and other behind my back. My husband massages my back and legs at night. It helps me relax a lot and sleep instantly. Also i read on baby centre forum that one can try slight fluid restriction to reduce the night bathroom visit. But please consult ur doctor before u do this. So far worked for me. Also try warm glass of milk and avoid all caffeinated products including green tea and milo. Hope this helps

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Try not to waste money on pregnancy pillows as you might not like it. For me i invest on more head pillows, there's always sale like $10 per pillow. Super worth & cheap. Get maybe another 3 more head pillows. I put one to lean on my back to sleep. One in between my legs. One to hug. Super comfortable & cheap. Even after pregnancy you can just use the pillows again. No point spending on pregnancy pillow & might not be able to use it for other time.

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Same here... but i get thirsty in the middle of the night. It wakes me up. what i do is drink a glass of water then i go to toilet. About sleep... at first i just lay in many position. I lay a bit straight and put the square pillow at my back. Then ive got more comfortable... i lay at my left side and cuddle the pillow n put my leg on it... sweet dream

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Hmm, I have thought of buying the pregnancy pillow but now I have resorted to have pillows supporting me back, support the tummy, my head and also in between my legs when sleeping on my left side. 😅 Its best to change positions and to stretch sometimes too! Hang in there mummy!

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😝😝😂 yes you are not alone!

You can consider getting a sleeping pillow to help you sleep better at night. I got mine from mothercare. It works for me. This is the link to the pillow as reference:

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Ooops, no wonder! I love teas, and milo and coffee! I limit my intake of coffee and Milo to once a week, but I still drink tea like once a day. Singapore weather is so warm and humid, I drink water at least 1.5 litres a day, but then I keep going to the toilet which can't be helped..

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Now the many many pillows also not helping... Really hard to sleep at night and I tend to sleep on my left, my baby keeps me awake as well by kicking and moving a lot. :) week 32 already... Just a bit more to go! Thank you for all your advises!! Gambate!

That's just part and parcel of being pregnant. Nothing you can really do about it. Sorry. Try a pregnancy pillow, it helped me quite a lot.

we bought a maternity pillow on carousell for about $52 .. super worth it. now we have 2 !! lol coz my girls find it so comfy! !

Same here. But when am so restless, I look out for a cool place and lay down. There,I can sleep till morning without disturbance