Baby’s Sleep regression at 8 months

Hi mummies, my just turned 8 month old is experiencing sleep regression (I think). He used to sleep for 6-7hrs, wake up for one feed and then sleep another 6-7hrs till early morning. However, now he wakes up every 3-4hrs because he rolls himself tummy down and cries. I had to wake up multiple times in the night to turn him back to back down position because he would fuss around and not sleep. Is there anything I can do about this or is this just a phase?? I am so tired and I don’t know what is going on!!!

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It will last 3-6 weeks. Be flexible ,Ask for and accept help from others to face this ,Try to Keep Routines Consistent

Super Mum

Yup. Jiayou. It is like that.. I experienced it too. Hard to get enough sleep when you have kids.