My lo is 4 months old. He can sleep on his own for all afternoon naps (2x) for 1 to 2 hours. Just leave him on the bed with pacifier and a bolster he is gone after a few minutes. Only in the night, he needs to be carried (good day 15 mins) (bad day 30 mins and above). Why is this so? How can I train him to sleep on his own in the night? Good thing about him, he can now sleep through the night till 7- 8am. Bad thing about him, I need to wake up 2-3 times just to flip him facing up because he can't flip himself back or either diaper change. After that he will just fall back to sleep on his own.

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Yes, it is very normal for baby to fuss in the evening/just before bedtime. This is known as Evening Fussiness. The reasons include overtireness, need to tank up milk, or colic. Here are some simple techniques that can help alleviate your baby's evening crankiness, as suggested from -Focus on the sleep. If you know your newborn isn’t getting the sleep she needs, work to help her catch up on her rest. Read up on tips to get her sleeping better, and start laying a good foundation now so that she’ll be able to sleep through the night when she’s ready. -Hold your baby and walk/bounce/rock/dance/etc. For most babies, being held close to their parents and gently rocked (or bounced, or swung, or swayed, or some variation therein) is enough to calm them right down. -Wear your baby. This works the same way as the previous tip, but it provides the added bonus of leaving your hands free for other things. -Burp, burp, burp. If you do suspect that gas is the culprit in your newborn’s evening crying, be diligent about burping after feeds. -Change your diet. If you’re nursing, think about what you’re eating that could be triggering tummy trouble for your baby. Spicy foods, caffeine, and carbonated drinks may be culprits. -Recite your mantra. Repeat to yourself, “This too shall pass.” Write it on your bathroom mirror, if you have to — just keep reminding yourself that eventually, this will get better! Because it will. It always does. A few months from now, the fog will most likely lift, and those evening crying sessions will be a thing of the past. And thank goodness. A parent’s eardrums can only take so much!

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For a 4 months old baby, i'd say that he is no trouble at all with his sleeping way. My children all wanted breastmilk whenever they nap/sleep! I suggest you be patient and follow the flow. I mean, your baby is still young, already spent whole 9months in ur tummy, very2 close to you and now you are rushing him to be independent. Give him some time. Personally i think at age 6 months above, your baby will start exploring the world and be less independent so you can start bedtime routines too to help him sleep through the night. Good luck!

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When you leave him on the bed, beware than he might fall off the bed when he starts flipping.

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Maybe get a bigger playpen or cot? My boy is 9mo now he slp on his own in the cot