is it normal to already be feeling always hungry at wk 6?

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I keep feeling hungry but couldn't complete my meals so I'm eating small portions. And hunger strikes me suddenly. I'm 6 weeks and 5 days

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Yes it’s normal. I got hungry easily during my first trimester for both pregnancies. :)

Happened to me too, plus constant cravings.. I try to eat in moderation no matter what!


I did and I worried if it was normal as well! Haha. Just eat everything in moderation

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Yes! Hahaha! Once I know I’m pregnant at week 5-6, I increased my food intake

U will feel even more hungrier as e weeks go by.. just remember. Its for e baby

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Yes just have small snacks whenever the hunger pangs strike!

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Yes.. but for me i lost my appetite wk7 onwards

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wonderful that you & baby are eating well

Yes. At 5-6 meal per day for me.. haha..