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Is it normal for my 3 month old baby to not pass motion everyday? He is formula fed

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Yup its normal if is more than 1 week thn u might need to go clinic to insert some kind of medicine. Or before that when is 3 to 4 days maybe u wan to let him try woodwards gripe water for about 5ml(one tea spoon) thr will be instruction thr. I mixed with water but some might not agree.

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Yes it’s possible, but if the frequency worsens, he is irritable with a bigger tummy, or he doesn’t feed well, then he may need to see a doctor

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Yes it’s normal. It can take up to 3 days for not passing motion for my case of lo.

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Normal but continue to observe your baby.

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Yes it's normal

Yes normal

2-3 days is fine

Normal.More thn 5 days need to see doc

Hey, Yes it is normal but please keep observing