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Hi.. My baby is 1 month 8 days old.. After birth he pass motion alot even after feeding. But now seems like he pass motion 1-2 times only in a day.. Is it normal? Any mummy experience the same too? Hes stool is bright yellow colour.

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Omg my baby too!! . After birth, she kept passing motion. ( 2/3- 4 times) , but now, she only poops like 1-2 times a day. Sometimes, every 2 days. Super worried if the formula milk is too heaty

1mo ago

mine too. Soo worried.

Super Mum

Yes, it’s normal. You can give him probiotics for gut health if you are worried. Biogaia is good.

My 2.5 month baby passes motion once a day. Sometimes, once every 2 days.

yep normal. bright yellow stool is normal too esp if u r breastfeed

Super Mum

That’s perfectly okay:)

Hi Mum, Yes it is normal

Hi yes , sounds normal