night feed

NOAH my baby is 3 month and i still set an alarm to feed him every night. but he sometimes choose to sleep than eat. sometimes refuse to eat coz he is sleepy. should i just let him sleep until he wake up when his hungry or should i wake him harder then feed him? he gaining weight normal.

night feed
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Umur 3 bulan ni blh dikira kebanyakan baby dah blh beza tdo siang/malam.. dia dah mula rutin tdo.. normal kalau setakat bangun mnum susu 2-3kali je.. so malam dia akan lena lebih lama.. follow demand dia ja sis.. no worries as long as dia still nak susu, berak&kencing dia ok.. perut x kembung.. m chart dia ok..

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My daughter also 3 month,doctor advice that don’t let she sleeping thru the doctor advice at least 4-5hrs then wake she up for baby will sleep at 10 then wake up at 2-3am for breastfeed..then continue to sleep again wake up again at 7am..i practice like this..4-5hrs must feed the baby

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Same with my baby, after nap at 12+am he sleep until tomorrow morning🙂

1y ago

same. usually my baby will wake up at 5am/6am. after i feed her then she will fall asleep again. so she’ll be like my alarm clock every morning 😂

Hai anyone is on the same situation with me, my baby is 3 months old now but he hardly sleep during the day. if he fall asleep then he only sleep for like an hour only. he was sleepy but he hold his eyes and not sleeping. but will sleep throughout the night without problem. what can i do to fix this??

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11mo ago

Baby sy pun sama mcm ni jgk. masuk 3m dah kurang tido siang. tidur sekejap². alhamdulillah malam tidur awal pukul 9 cmtu tidur dah. bangun malam 2 jam sekali utk menyusu je.

my baby also like this. she will slept on 10pm, then wake up for milk around 6am. I tried to wake her up on 3a.m. but she doenst want to drink. she chose to sleep. I think its normal. as long as we fed her regularly during day time. mine is every 2 hours during day time.

same as my daughter. Sometimes she sleeps 5hours straight. i asked my paed, and she says its okay to let baby sleep. They got deep sleep also

let him sleep till he awake. Baby will gain weight when he have good sleep. After he awake then feed him will be better way 😊

Saya tetap susukan anak saya pada waktu malam. 3 kali pada waktu malam. Btw anak saya 3 bulan lbh. Kurang seminggu dia 4 bulan. Sebab waktu siang kalau dia sedar, dia reject susu. Dia hanya minum susu waktu tidur je. Time malam la bagi susu kaw kaw 😂

Just let him sleep until he wake up when his hungry.. your baby same age with my baby i already ask doctor .. 😘 dont worry he will wakeup max 6 hrs after that he will hungry .. before he sleep feed him first 😁

Better let him sleep. Or set the alarm gap longer at night.