Chinese name for bb girl

Any nice Chinese name for bb girl? i am a Chinese, don't know how to choose Chinese name for my unborn baby girl

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If there’s a family middle or first name to follow, usually it’s nice to find a name that matches that family name in sound. Like for example, the family name my dad chose for his lineage is “洳”. So my name is “洳嫣”. And my sister’s is “洳镇”. I hear the pin yin “yan” or “Ling” is quite popular.

If you don't believe in feng shui, the following link might be useful for you.

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For me i prefer name that sounds nice and with Chinese characters that are easy to write. Eg. 卉、昕、希、文、妃、宁。

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We choose the pronunciation we like. Followed by the characters. Coz u want ur girl’s name to sound nice when ppl call her.

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Mine got calculated by fengshui master and I chose the one I like the most among the rest provided to me: 涵琋 ❤️

We got our girl’s Chinese name from temple. According to her birth date, time and parents.. was given few names to choose..

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We went to Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple @ Arumugam Road. $120 back in 2017

Get a feng shui master to calculate the chinese name! The number of strokes in chinese characters is very important!

Let me know what do you have in mind, perhaps I can suggest. EG, related to gracious? Happiness?

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Hi the best way would be to consult a "master" or simply Google which was what we did( :

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I asked my mil to choose cause im also chinese but idk how to choose chinese name 🤣