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Hi any suggestion for Chinese name for a girl starting with 爱?no Chinese surname and this name is just used for Chinese class, no in BC. Thanks!! Her elder sister is, 爱佳which is a direct translation of her English name and also means "love excellence" If it helps current baby's name is Brianna but we call her Brie. Thanks!

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爱娜 ai4 na4。娜 sounds like her brian'na'. There is this Chinese idiom called 婀娜多姿(e1 nuo2 duo1 zi1). 娜 means elegant and graceful.

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爱娜 - ai na (if would like to have the same sound as brianna's 'na') 爱俐 - ai li (俐 comes from the word 伶俐means smart)

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爱怡 (love joy) 爱慧 (love intelligence) 爱惠 (love kindness) 爱平 (love peace)

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爱碧(green gem) ai4 bi4,爱馝(strong fragrance)ai4 bi4


爱芬, 爱惠,爱恩 ☺️

I have a friend called 爱颖

爱嗯 爱宁 爱萱 爱韵

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爱甄 爱萍 爱恩