burger king's mala burger

New lanuch mala burger. I had that last night and regretted it so much. Its far too spicy and making heartburn throughout the night. So new mummies out there, pls avoid this burger

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Had a bite of it off my hubby's..... it tasted really yucky tbh, even he regretted having it!

Wow it must be really extreme.. will definitely keep your words in mind!

Thanks for sharing. I can't even take abit of spicy food.

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I know this feeling cause I like spicy food myself too.

Oh dear... Thanks for sharing. Take care😘

It's the worst burger I've ever tasted 😭

3y ago

Lolx... yea.. i agree

It depends. Some can take the spice.

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Lol thanks for sharing..

Spicier than McSpicy Deluxe?

3y ago

Mm.. personally i felt BK one spicier than Mcspicy deluxe

Thanks for sharing!