Confinement Mummy..,.

Can i eat Samurai burger?? Did any mummies eat out there during confinement??.., Any effect??.., Tempted..,now macdonald having it..., ?????

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I got my husband to get double cheeseburger during confinement because i was sick of the healthy food. Its a promotional item so just go for it if its gonna be once in awhile. You deserve it after giving birth to a child!

Thank u all mummies., I've already ate it..,😊😊😊😊👏👏👏👏 I have Q under breastfeeding topic please give me yur opinion mummy2 out there ya. ^^

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Of course you can eat it. Maybe just don’t make a habit of eating it regularly 😉

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Hi... you can eat samurai burger but get someone to take away for you

ThkZ u all mummy out there..,

Yes can. Moderate

Ok to eat...enjoy

in moderation :)

eat! why not?

Go ahead :)