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hello!! im just curious, when yall eat like mcd/kfc burger, do yall eat the raw lettuce/tomato inside? Is it ok to eat with the burger or must take it out?

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I still eat salads and the veggies in sandwiches. Just ensure you wash them well when you make your own or get from reputable places. For sashimis and non fully cooked eggs, I prefer to err on the side of caution. But if really craving, make sure to get from reputable sources and ensure handling is clean.

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4mo ago

ohhh icic alright! thank you

yea, I just ate everything except caffine and alcohol. I ate sashimi too. Baby is healthy, full term, no complications, she is 3 months old now already. Just relax and enjoy your food, everything in moderation, hope you have a healthy baby!

4mo ago

oooo alright!! thank you!

From my experience pregnancy for 9 month plus.. usually when im eat like fast food, i will asked them to removed lettuce.. tomato.. and mayonnaise also… because we won’t not know, they got wash or the vegetables since it raw..

4mo ago

ohhh wah icic okay!

If there’s E. coli on the raw veggies, I think there’ll be cross contamination on the other parts of the burger? First pregnancy I avoided salad… after that got a bit more lax

4mo ago

ohh icic! alright thank you!

I remove it. Personal opinion here: anything that is raw or partially cooked or I'm not sure if it's fully cooked, I won't eat it (just to be extra cautious here, first child 🤭)

4mo ago

ahhh alright!! thank you!

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For fast food burgers, i dont eat the the raw veggies. Trying to play safe here, even fruit juices I dont too. Anything pasteurised is fine though 😊

I just eat. I think by raw they meant like sashimi, eggs 😃 Lettuce/tomatoes should be alright.

4mo ago

soft boiled eggs are fine if they are pasteurised!

I eat everything that I can stomach down. Even sashimi.

I'm more careful on raw food so I avoid all raw food