Need some tips or advice... My husband is a wonderful father, he is not the patient kind but when my dau arrived in this world, he improved on his patience towards her. However, the dating feeling that I used to have even though I am married for 8 yrs diminished when my daughter was born. He is not willing to go abroad without my daughter even though my daughter will be in good hands. He wants to see her everyday. I really tot men would like a break too.... So my question is, I know I can't get to him to reignite our spark we had so I need to change my thinking since I knw I can't change his. How do I make myself feel better?

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it's sweet the way he is in love with the baby but i understand your point too dear :) i won't say you should change your feelings. don't do that. i think for now give it time. he is bonding with her and is an involved father. for now, do simple cuople things such as watch a movie together at home, send him lovey messages through the day, dress up for him, get up to him and hug and kiss him and just smile at him and make him know that you love him. do it just like that. maybe right now he feels that he will not be able to manage time and love between the baby and you, so show him the love without expecting anything from hi,. once he is more experienced, he will surely reciprocate

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