I cant rock my baby sleep anymore. While she is 3-5 months she is ok we rock her and sing to her to sleep. She is 9 month old now and not using pacifier. Every night I must need to latch her until sleep. Few times wake up in the midnight I need to latch her also. Keep waking up at night is not good for development too. I tried to rock her sleep but she will be fussy and need to latch. If my hubby rock her she will wake up and look for me even in the midnight. Too tiring! help!

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she has the ability to self soothe using her thumb or finger to sleep but she doesn't know that because you have not start her on sleep training. pacifier is a sleep prop, once it drops off she may wake up in the middle of the night again and you need to put it on for her. I think we have to move beyond the notion of comfort latching in view of sleep disruption for our little ones. they really need the sleep for proper development after 6 months old. at 9 months old, they don't need night feedings anymore. my boy stopped night feedings after 4 months old and he is gaining weight.

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Maybe you can try "tanking" baby up with milk before she sleeps. Maybe that can help her sleep longer? Or if she only wakes up for comfort latching, maybe you can consider giving her a pacifier? A friend of mine was not a proponent of pacifiers but once she gave it a try and realised that she got the much needed sleep and baby slept better, she changed her views.

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Yes agreed with Geraldine, you need to teach your baby the art of self settling so she knows how to fall asleep on her own without your help. Falling asleep is something she needs to learn herself and your job is to make sure you establish a routine and make sure she is well fed and that you put her down before she is overtired.

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My Son only stop middle of the night latching when I weaned him off at coming 2 years old.. it's a habit actually.. so it's quite hard to quit unless u wean off breastfeeding.. it doesn't matter if u feed him formula or bm or give pacifier as they won't take it if they won't take it

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He's been given pacifier since back at home as the nanny insisted back then to shut him.. eventually I manage to stop him from using at abt 4 mths old as he kind of didn't want the pacifier as he has preference over latching too.. hard to see a breastfed baby liking pacifier imo.. Do note that even if u give pacifier once it drop out from his mouth he will cry n make sure u comfort him as well.. that's from my fren whom bottle fed n give pacifier so no matter what u need to wake up if he cries too..

Am facing the same issue. They just needed comfort latch and security. My boy is co sleeping with me on the same bed and am still facing this issue. Alternatively, some would suggest to give formula at night so as not to wake up so often.

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I feel you! Me too. Baby is do Is doing that as he has associated latch with sleep. You need to gradually teach him to self soothe. The suggestions above are helpful.

Give them some time. They will outgrow it. And by then they won't even want us anymore. I'll treasure the shorty time I have.