My NB is abt a week old. His skin is peeling like this and is all over most of his body. Is this normal?

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Their skin is very sensitive. Would be good to moisturise baby’s skin after the bath, avoid putting baby in a dry room (if you must use the air con, then use a humidifier too), and don’t bathe baby too often.. and use gentle baby soap only

Hey mummy, don’t worry my baby was shedding skin too. It’s normal all you have to do is apply lotion. In 2 to 3 weeks they will have a new skin. Now my baby is 21 days old and all fine. He has a good complexion.

my baby has it too, the doc advise to just let it be instead of putting moisturiser because the baby skin still new. it will go away itself. now my baby 3 weeks already, the dry skin all gone.☺️☺️

yes it’s completely normal, they r shedding their newborn skin to make new tougher skin to accommodate to our environment

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Best to see your paeditrician to get proper meds...your baby probably needs sensitive skin soap for bathing

Apparently it’s normal. Avoid peeling the skin. I didn’t apply any moisturiser too.

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Normal...the birth skin are very soft they shed after a few days and form new skin

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Yes it is. My girl’s skin also peeled off after 2 weeks

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Nb is normal will take awhile, you can apply moisturiser