Baby skin

Hi mummies, anyone encounter this on your baby skin before ? My son is currently 1month now but his skin has been extremely dry especially around his ear and face and recently there has been patches of dry skin on his stomach . I have been applying california baby super sensitive skin up till now and i do not see it getting better . Is this eczema or just dry skin ? Should i seek a doctor ?

Baby skin
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best to consult pd alternative you can use physiogel a.i or ceradan barrier cream.

3y ago

Ok will bring him soon, thank you 😊

Yes yes please consult a doctor . Take care !

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Best to consult a pediatrician asap

4mo ago

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Yes, please consult paediatrician.

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Consult a paediatrician ASAP

3y ago

Will bring him soon, thank you 😊

Yes best to see a pd!