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any natural remedies for pregnant mums having the flu. trying my best to stay away from medications.

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I can understand your feelings about not wanting to rely on medication, but it’s best to go see the doctor so the flu doesn’t aggravate, which may put you and the baby at greater risk. The doctor will prescribe only pregnancy-safe medication if informed that you are pregnant. Other than that, get plenty of rest and water and can also try hot honey ginger tea. Take care!

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If it's a flu I.e with fever, it's better to see a doctor. If it's a cold, you will slowly recover from it.. I took 1 week plus to recover from running nose, sore throat and cough naturally.

Drink loads of warm water.for many mums drinking warm water with honey works very well, ginger tea is also good.

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Ginger tea or warm water will do. Takes longer time but will recover.

You can check d'splendid. they sell natural remedies for cough/flu

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Taking brewed ginger warm water or honey lemon water helps.

Drink lots of warm water. Boil brown sugar ginger tea :)

Best to see a doctor first if it’s something serious.