I'm having flu while pregnant 12 weeks

I'm having flu while pregnant 12 weeks. Can I still take the yellow flu medicine or any other flu medicines? #1stimemom #advicepls #pregnancy

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I took it for both preg during 1st tri with gynae prescription. only took it when my sinus is out of control n turn to flu... I also took drip chicken essense throughout my both preg to boost my immunity

yellow flu med - you are likely referring chlorpheniramine, which is generally not advised for during pregnancy. there are safer options, and also in view of COVID pandemic, please visit your doctor.

Do check back with your gynae. They are the best person to consult with. ☺️ GWS!

See dr before you take any medicine, have to careful cos of baby

hi... i took xyzal for my flu.. it really works wonders.. 😅

Before taking any medicine .better to check with your doctor.