My wife is worried about my 3-year-old daughter who is not potty-trained yet. She is supposed to start school next month. What should we do?

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I have to agree with the comment above. Although I have a similar technique I was able to use for my children. First, girls differ from boys always keep that in mind. So it would be necessary if "Mom" could show her the proper way to pee. Second, before you start potty training her. Buy her a potty chair. Yes that training "arinola" or portable potty you can buy anywhere in the department store. Let her choose what she likes. Third, speak to her with firmness. Remember your goal is to teach her how to potty. So try to remove the soft spot in your heart as much as possible. Explain to her for example " Tomorrow, you will start to potty on your potty chair that we bought. We will practice it together until we get there". If for instance your child shows discouragement or started to whine. Just simply ignore. Believe me she was just testing you if you and your wife will buy into it. Fourth, start the potty. How, just like the comment above, let her wear underwear underneath her clothes instead of diapers. But for me, I let her wear diapers but the potty is right beside her. How do I do it? I time in her liquid intake. If she drinks milk or water, chances are she will pee in 10-15mins after that. Your indication is when she started holding her private part or when she started to scratch it. That's your que. Don't forget the "wiwi"/splashing/whislthing sound like this will encourage her to pee. That particular sound for no reason helps any kid or adult pee without any scientific reason. Lastly, there will be times that accidents will do happen. No scolding! Praise her and encourage her that she was able to pee on her own. Don't forget to still put diapers on at night for the first week of potty training until she was able to control her bladder. My daughter was potty trained at the age of 2 and it only took me 1 day of doing that without any accidents. :)

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Have you heard of the three-day potty training for kids? I kinda used that for my 2-year-old son. However, before I did this intensive three-day regimen, I did a week or two of preparations for him. PREPARATIONS BEFORE THE THREE-DAY TRAINING: 1. Talked to him that whenever he peed or pooped, he should use the toilet (I did not use any special potty trainer seat except for the small seater placed on top of our toilet bowl). 2. Me, his kuya, and his dad modeled for him. We made sure he saw us use the toilet. TRAINING PROPER: 1. This needs three full days of commitment on your part as a mom or dad. You have to put your all into it since this will be very physically draining, and dirty even. 2. Day 1 - Free your child of diaper and let her wear loose fitting shorts or comfy dress without underwear. Then let her do her daily routine. Just make sure you are watching her all the time and asking her every once in awhile if she wants to pee or poop. Make her drink lots of liquids to encourage peeing. Day 2 - Do the same as day 1 plus an hour of outdoor walk. Before going out, make sure to let her pee first. Day 3 - Do the same as days 1 and 2 plus more time outdoors. NOTE: Whenever she poops or pees in her pants or on the floor, try to make her know that it's not ok without scolding. Whenever she uses the toilet successfully, praise her. For some additional reading, please read this:

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