my lo has not yet poop for 24hrs what should i do? should i bring her to her pedia immediately? my lo is EBF

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Some EBF babies poop 3-4 times in a day while others can go poopless as far as a week. No poop usually means nothing, it just means your baby's body has exhausted all the needed stuff in your milk. Like what I always say to my family, sa breastmilk walang tapon. So you can expect poopless days Although, look for other signs just to be sure. If you observed no other symptoms, then you're good to go

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If your baby doesn't exude other health concerns then I think your baby should be fine. No poop within 24 hours isn't alarming at all, especially for EBF babies. If s/he is a bit fussy and seems to have stomach pains, try doing the I Love U massage. Photo from

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That's not necessary. Some babies can hold their poop for weeks without any health problems. My baby before used to poop every 3-4 days, when she was 1-5 months if I remember correctly. The longest was a week. Just continue to breastfeed your baby if you're ebf.

our pedia advice us to let my twins drink prune juice 1-2 ounces (once a day) to have a healthy bowel movement. they started drinking it when I noticed baby girl didn't poop for 2 days and baby boy is constipated. they were only 7 months that time

It says here that it's no cause for worry: But it's still safer to send a message to your pedia. Check as well for other symptoms that seem out of the ordinary for your baby.

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i read at bfp that if the baby is ebf there is no need to worry as long as your baby is not fussy and her stomach is soft

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Hi Mommy no need to worry ,my baby didn't not poop for 3days they were only 5months