Toddler Potty Training

Hi mommas. I just wanted to ask for some tips in potty training for my toddler at night? She is already potty trained in the daytime both poo and pee and I want to end our diaper night too but I don't know how to start and do it. She sleeps through the night kaya I am hesitant to wake her up just to pee. I also trained her to pee before we go to sleep and we applied it already. Thank you in advance mommas. ❤

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Super Mum

in our case, i got cue from my daughter,she was also potty trained during day time. there was one night of dry diaper and we started from there. there were few misses but we pull 3 yo she is fully potty trained

2mo ago

around 2 1/2 yo all started po talaga when there is that 1 night na di n sya nagpee sa diaper, the following night hindi ko na sya pinagsuot ng diaper. i ask her to pee before sleeping and we have her potty ready sa room.