my toddler has been perspiring in her sleep since she was a newborn. and we mean like a big wet patch at her head and wet hair stuck to her face. is this something to be concerned about? we sleep in aircon room though but it's the same for her.

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that's normal.. coz babies generally don't move a lot when they are sleeping unlike adults we change positions and they overheat and perspire in return...

Yes! It is indeed very common. If you do see her uncomfortable or something unusual, then visit the doctor. Else help her with as much ventilation as possible.

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ic... thanks for that, Wendy. i thought she;s been overheated and we got pretty worried, trying several methods to keep her cool but to no avail..

You don't need to worry much! You can try making her wear light and loose clothes and maintain cool temperature in the room when she sleeps

it's very common . don't worry dear. just make her wear loose cotton soft clothes...

It’s very normal My daughter is also like that