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My 5 years old is ready toilet trained but not for night time. At time, she still put on her diaper. How to train her for night toilet? We tried to wake her up before we go sleep but before we do that she already wet herself n hence we back to put on her diaper. And it's hard to wake her up to go toilet at night. Her diaper is heavy in the morning n at times, her pant is alao wet. Any advise? #advicepls #pleasehelp

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When both of my kids was 4 yrs old , i toilet trained. Make sure they pee in the toilet before bed. There were many times they peed on the bed during sleep, eventually they learnt about going to the toilet after that. So I have to constantly remind them that if there is urge, must wake up go toilet peepee. So , yeah, expect many peeing on bed to happen before success happens.

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It could be that she’s not ready to be toilet trained at night yet. Make sure she goes to the toilet before bed and no liquids an hour before bed. Continue to give her diapers until such time you notice that her diapers are dry in the morning. That’s when you can start!

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Really have to work around it. Maybe give dinner a little earlier so that she can have milk a little earlier too? Or give her milk before dinner biting tea time? Key is not to have milk close to bed time. Otherwise you will need to wake her up around midnight every night to go to the toilet even if it means having to carry her to the toilet. 😅