My toddler a night owl

My 2year old everyday sleep at 2-3am and wakeup at 11am. Sometimes only she sleep early then go back to the same timing 2-3am. She has been a night owl since baby. She nap 3hrs. I try to wake her up during her nap after 2hrs but she will cry terribly. I'm exhausted and dunno what to do already. Should I leave her like this or what should I do? Already bring her downstair playground to make her tired and sleep early but still the same.

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Same as mine!!! Will sleep at 10pm then wake up at 11pm and will only sleep back to 2am. Maybe can check your environment? My baby stop waking up and sleep through when I start switching off my laptop. Hahah. I used to leave my laptop switched on overnight cause I’m used to listening to videos to sleep. Now we always switch off the laptop before putting him to sleep and he’ll sleep through till 8-9ish

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When my son was 2 years old . he used to wake up mid night and play. now he is 4 years old. now he is sleeping at night