My mother insists that I should put some oil on my baby’s back and chest before bath time. She said it will help baby not to get “cold”. Do you practice the same thing?

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Usually, I apply Ruyi oil on my baby after her bath, not before. The bath water will keep your baby warm, so I don't see the need of applying oil before bath time. After drying her off with a towel, I apply Ruyi oil and rub it between my palms until it gets warm and rub her tummy, back and soles of feet with it. It helps her to sleep better and release gas in her tummy. It's readily available from medical halls and inexpensive.

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No. I never heard of this practice. I don't think it's advisable as the oil may get into the bathing water or baby's eyes while bathing. I think the best way to prevent baby from getting cold is to make sure that the bathing water is luke warm and baby is quickly wrapped in towel when he/she gets out of water. Also make sure the baby is dried thoroughly and dressed in warm clothes.

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I did not do that, though like everyone does, I massaged the baby before bath. I do not see any logic as how it prevents baby from catching cold. But if you are massaging the baby before bath, the oil is anyway there on the chest and back.

I did put oil for my baby, but it's after taking bath and not before taking bath. I massage my baby using massage oil after bath so to let the body feel warm.

I didn't practice any such thing with my babies. Cold and cough is contracted by virus, so no oil can protect it. But no harm i applying though!

I never did that to my three boys. However, my mom still believes i should do that. I guess that's the way they were taught before.


Same question

Yes. We do.