Tummy time for LO

Why is it that my LO is able to his head up when lying tummy down on my chest but will not be able to and scream murder when I do tummy time for him on a pillow? Anyone encounter the same before ?

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Super Mum

How old is your LO? Very normal. He will feel more secure when lying on your chest. Need to slowly progress. It can quite scary as it is something new for the baby. You can try getting down on the ground and doing face-to-face encouragement. This will reassure your baby that he can do it and it's OK. What I did was I put mine on a yoga ball before putting her on the mat.. You can go YouTube and see for reference.

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Super Mum

The pillow’s too soft, dear. Try a firm mattress or playmat instead. The pillow’s actually really dangerous for baby.

2y ago

Hmm it’s the same, he can’t lift up when on mattress or playmat too. I’m thinking if he hates tummy time so much, he always cry murder when we make him do it :(