My marriage last for two years. My husband and I were separated and we were living separately. I stayed at my parent's house while he stayed with a woman that he loved. We have yet to proceed to divorce as we cannot communicate and will lead to arguement. I am not sure for how long can I wait. By the way, I have two children (aged 2 yrs old & 3 mths). He never care about the children. I need opinion. I feel lonely and sometimes I need someone to pour woes. Certain things I cannot share to my family and children. Is it ok that I can find a man that sincerely care & love me? I feel i need a love for me & my children.

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It sounds like your current arrangement would be leading to a divorce. I would suggest you find out more about how to go about getting a divorce. You can consider the free legal clinic conducted by AWARE. They have experienced lawyers present at the session to explain to you your legal rights and options in a wide range of areas at a one-time consultation. It is open on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. You can call their helpline (1800 774 5935, from Mon to Fri, 3pm to 9.30pm) to find out more. Another way to reach them would be via email ([email protected]). You will need to make an appointment before going down and can do so through the Helpline. For more information: Personally, I think it is best to address this so that you each can move on to with your own lives. In the meantime, confide in a close friend whom you feel comfortable with to share your feelings and thoughts. It is important for you to have ample emotional support to help you stay strong for yourself, and for your children. You can also consider speaking to a professional if everything is too much to bear and you need an outlet to vent. For professional counselling service, you can consider Singapore Counselling Service: Take care!!

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