My kids got asked yesterday (by a family member visiting us) if they felt more Indian or more Italian...I was so annoyed at that question!! my kids are little and I don't want them to feel they need to be one or the either. How do you respond to people who ask such questions?

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It's human nature just like adults like to ask kids if they prefer daddy or mummy, it's the same in your case. Some people are just trying to be funny and look for various ways to start conversations. I can't stop people from asking questions but I can choose how I wish to react to such questions. Behind closed doors I would explain to my kids about their biracial identity and remind them to embrace both and cherish it as most people only have one culture and they get the best of both worlds. Remind them that daddy and mummy loves them equally. I believe they will soon know that they feel like they're both!

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you know, i think they may have asked it just like that, and without any intentions or too much thought to it. honestly, i have faced the same growing up in a different place than where my parents originally belonged to, and i was always asked this question. same with my kids now. but we are very okay about it. we tell them that our kids imbibe the values of all the mixed cultures and that we don't really want them to choose between cultures and such. so yes, put a stop to such questions with a positive and polite answer.

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I cant related with this completely but I as a kid had faced this many times. Parents being from two completely different parts of India, it was a very common thing which my relatives and friends asked, "which side do I feel more inclined to". I never knew how to answer it. But trust me it never affected me. I still feel I am an unique combinations of both.

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Rather than being told by a could-be assuming relative how the kids ought to feel about the matter, at least your kids were consulted about it instead. Perhaps even, the family member hold such high esteem of the kids that he/she thinks that they have a good grasp on complex topic. Just my two cents.

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Tell a family members that your kids won’t have answer for that, kids just feeling like being them Being a kids, being human. Those questions r so offensive. Like you ask the fish how do fish feel to being fish…. ?

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You could answer for them - "they are both". That is honestly such a ridiculous question. Either that, or you could tell your children to reply with "I don't want to answer silly questions like this one".

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Your kids must be feeling hurtful. We can't control what people ask/say. You can explain to your kids on biracial using story books such as 'I am Mixed' for them to relate better.

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