My daughter always wants to be the first and wins in everything. When someone else is better than her, she becomes a very sore loser. How do I teach her the spirit of sportsmanship?

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It’s really pretty simple. It’s about honouring everyone and learning what respect really means. Here are some important principles to instill in your children: - If you lose, don't make up excuses. - If you win, don't rub it in. - Learn from mistakes and get back in the game. - Always do your best. - If someone else makes a mistake, remain encouraging and avoid criticizing. - Show respect for yourself, your team, and the officials of the game.

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nobody likes to lose and kids these days will show you how much they hate losing. as a mother i would say let her be quite for sometime after a while talk to her and point out the other victories (even if minute) she had during the day. help her understand that sometimes its just luck and sometimes you can't be the best in everything u do

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Over-praised might lead to this situation. I am also learning to praise less on my children when they do something good, e.g. you are a good boy! You are so clever. Instead, I choose to acknowledge their efforts during the process. E.g. you seem to work very hard to get the spelling correct.

Hi, I can so relate to your daughter as I was like that in childhood. The best way is to have a casual chat with her that losing is not a bad thing but what matters is to step up. You can show her movies like Pursuit of Happyness :)

You can try to convince her that its fine to lose. You can list down and share the reasons why she lost and motivate her to improve on those points. Soon she will realise that its ohk to lose sometime for further improvements

Take her to a game, show her how you behave when you loos a match. Show her how good players behave when they loose a match. This would help her learn and understand the spirit of sportsmanship.