My baby got cold, cough and throw up for a week. Doctor asked to clean her nose but she refuse. Has anyone had this experience? how to deal with you little one when she does not want to clean her nose?

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Here are some tips you can try to help relieve your baby's blocked nose: To clean it, try saline solution (mentioned in the article, towards the end of page 2) but you will likely need your husband (or another adult) to help. Most babies will not like it and you will need someone to help restrain her while you squeeze the saline solution into the nostrils. Hope she gets better soon!

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How old is your baby? My baby doesn't like it when I clean her nose with the Pigeon bulb nasal aspirator, but I hold down her hands and extract out the dried mucus. She feels much better after that. You could also turn on a humidifier or turn your bathroom into a steam room to clear your baby's congested airways.

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We also use Pigeon nasal aspirator + salinase, and it really helps. We would also hold her hands while lying down so we could drop the salinase solution into her nose.

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I will use a nasal aspirator too. Recently i got one from baby fair it's called the lollababy. I will use nasal spray to wash the nose first before sucking it

I use a nasal aspirator. and I'll just use a wet washcloth and clean even when baby doesn't like it.