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My 3mo baby doesn't latch properly when her nose is block. PD and friends suggested to clean baby nose using Sterimar and nasal aspirator. However, the Sterimar spray is so strong! The dirt usually ends up going up the nose and down the throat. My baby also cries when I suck with the nasal aspirator, I think it hurts her. Mummies, is it necessary to use the nasal aspirator with Sterimar? Any other methods to clear the nose?🥺

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This Sea Water Nasal Spray was recommended by my PD to my 11m boy recently, who's been having really bad stuffy nose at night. I don't like the idea of giving meds too, so something like that that's all-natural is worth a shot. Can try out the free sample on Sample Store: natural-sea-water-nasal-spray-pediatric

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Sterimar spray is actually not strong.. I used it when my baby is around 2-3 weeks old.. Dr also shared that its just sea water and he told us if wants to clear any mucus, best is to use it with suction..

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1y ago

Thanks! I'm aware it's just sea water but my concern is that the spray pressure is very high. After spraying I can't see the dirt inside the nose and when I suck with the aspirator sometimes nothing comes out, so I'm worried that the dirt actually goes down her throat and makes her even more uncomfortable.

Maybe you can try a manual nasal aspirator instead? If you think the suction of Sterimar is too strong.

We r using the same for my 6 wks old baby! PD suggested that she use that to clear her blocked nose…

i recommend u buy suction bulb pigeon brand from ntuc. Good and easy to suck out any mucus.

1y ago

yes dis works too actually