Hi baby caught a cold recently and I gave her the runny nose Med left over from last time she was sick. Now her runny nose is better but a lot of phlegm and making it hard to sleep. When infant catch a cold does doc prescribe phlegm Med too? Was thinking no need to see doc this time as my gal screams every time she sees the doc but not sure if the phlegm will go off on its own?

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Why don't u bring go tcm for child massage? It will go away but if during this period child is heaty then it will become cough so u really need to manage v well if u want to wait for it to recover on its own

Some doctor will prescribe flumacil for baby. Alternatively, you can go to Yuguo baby and children massage at Kembangan Plaze basement 1. Waiting time for baby is usualy faster.

6y ago

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rsAmqTldDLI You can try this as well.