1 year old Running nose for over a month. What should I do?

My little girl (1year, 3months old) has running nose for 4 weeks now. On 01 Nov, she have fever then started to have running nose too. We took her to doctor, and was asked to do covic test. I took my baby for swap test and turned out negative. And doctor prescribed fever and running nose medicine for her. Her fever was gone after a week. But the running nose cannot recover until now. Im very worry. I try to take her to doctor again yesterday but the doctor told me she have to go do another swap test again. I really don’t think it’s necessary and i don’t want my poor girl to go through the pain again, so i stop the clinic from register her and i brought her back without seeing the doctor. But now that I’m running out of solution, I’m considering to let her do the swap test again just to consult the doctor. But i hope someone with similar experience can share some opinion here before i go ahead.

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I think don’t see normal GP clinic, consult a PD instead. They are trained in children’s illnesses. Long term flu is not good and can sometimes escalate into more serious illnesses.