Mums and dads, hypothetical fun qn. if your baby were to say 'Convfefe" what would it mean?

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I looked up "convfefe baby," hoping to see a funny meme with Trump and a baby - but I got pictures of Converse baby shoes instead! Hahaha, I guess Google hasn't caught up with the Trumpisms.

Ha ha. Is there some food that someone is is having that is close to the sound of it? Like coffee ?

Your baby is very up to date with Donald Trump's tweets.

2y ago

Haha I was about to say this!

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It would refer to some food for sure - a confectionary of some sort!

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LOL. I'd say it means "Mama is going to make coffee and fettuccine!"

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Hmm. Hard to guess! does bb point it to anything while saying?

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that my baby watches way too much TV