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Hey mums and dads, how much pocket money would you give a primary schooler?

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$2 plus pack food for recess. Teaches the child to save up all excess $. Reward more if he/she save up all without buying unnecessary snack/things.

For me i gave him $10 for a week. If there are any CCA or after school activities I will give extra $2.


$2-3 dollars a day if kid has lunch in school so there is extra money for snack

$3? More better than not enough. But it's depends on the school canteen price

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for me I'll check the price of the food at the tuckshop first before deciding

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$2 per day for primary 1 to 3. $5 per day for primary 4 to 6

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$3-$5? Depend on the pricing of the canteen?

Lower primary - $2 should be sufficient.

Around 2-3 dollars per day is fine

From 2-5 dollars is good