Do you allow your kids to buy stationery with the pocket money they save? I find that my son (aged 11) comes home with all sort of knick knacks from the school bookstore, instead of eating a proper meal! Should I therefore increase his pocket money? Or limit his shopping sprees at the store?

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I think 'limiting' might sound too harsh but I do believe that if he's given more pocket money, he will never learn how to save. Tough love I say! If he spends all of his money on knick knacks, he has to learn that it means he'll starve in school. Obviously I wouldn't advise doing it for an extended period of time, but just enough that he starts to develop a habit or mentality that if there are luxuries he wants to buy, he has to save money for it and not spend it all in one place.

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Well when he feels hungry one day I'm sure he'll pick the food over stationery. Haha! I used to be like that too. I loved to buy erasers and pencils from the bookstore and sacrificed my meals. My mum would always tell me it's my money, I choose how to spend it but I will also suffer/enjoy the consequences. True enough till today I'm very cautious in my spending and I take responsibility for it.

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I'd just pack lunch boxes instead of giving him money until he can learn how to manage his money. Teach him the concept of money and the importance of saving as well as priorities. If he were left with $1, should he purchase a meal or a cute eraser but go hungry?

I have been thru that stage where I love the bookstore so much that I rather not eat. I don't think it will help the situation much by increasing his allowance but maybe just stick to the same amount and talk to him about your concerns.