Who pay the kids expenses like sch pocket money and sch fees?

Father pay everything?

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In Islam, the husband (man of the hse) is to be responsible for the finance of the whole household including the children's school fees. Even if the wife is working, the husband cnnt use her money, unless she wants to and that's her mercy for the family. Plus hsewife wrks 24/7 with no break. Those wrking cn at least go for lunch or teabreak. But for me as a hsewife of 2 small kids, it works if both husband and wife give and take, and most importantly wrk as a team. Being encouraging for each other everydae so that we dont use that term "who wrks more" bcz we fill each other's gaps. Make easy for each other, and that hopefully God make it easy for everything. It's called "rahmah". 🤗❤️

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for me & hubby, its half half - we have a joint account. when I was SAHM, he paid mostly since I no income and he provided allowance. but I guess it's pretty individual and personal? I have a friend, she pays for almost everything, including groceries, school fees. husband only pays for HDB mortgage.

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Up to you la! Your husband and your family financial what. Different family have their own way 🤦🏻‍♀️ as a wife if your husband normal job and pay everything for child and household you song meh? Sure will pity and wanna share burden what?

I would think to share the load if you r working. Of coz if u are a ftm then mayb different. I personally am not reliant on my hb for $ although i earn v little. And i dun really like the idea of people forking out money for me. 😂

Childcare, helper pay, road tax and car insurance by daddy Pocket money, car installment by me He never expect me to pay As for weekly groceries, take turn to pay but doesn't matter who pay But if I can help, I will try to do so

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I paid for our kids expenses. It doesn’t matter who pay for it. You are a family, dont have to go to the extent of who pays more or who should be paying for it.

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being a home maker my husband pays all .

We share. My husband doesn’t mind paying, but I want to share his burden. Although LO is still small, but school fees are expensive

Share the expenses my dear. but if you not working and father able to provide for you and your LO why not. also if he is richie rich

If u are a home maker, definitely your husband got to pay for everything . But if u are working , U might wanna share ?

we share but honestly my husband earns lesser than me so I actually contribute more