8weeks pregnancy with cyst

Have anyone have the same problem with me? 1st scan DR suspect ectopic pregnancy and i try 2nd scan i go to specialist ultrasound DR and the scan come out im not ectopic but the DR found a cyst.. is it dangerous? What food that i need to prevent from cyst become bigger? DR didnt explain about the cyst details and ask me to come for scan again after 10days..

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sy pon ade cyst masa pregnant 7 weeks 2cm, then pegi check 8 weeks krg Skit jer 1.94cm cyst akn hilang lama kelamaan bile baby dh kembang, n perlu jaga makanan.. jgn makan makanan yg menggalakan cyst seperti yis, daging, keju, produk tenusu,soya n etc. makan makanan yang khasiat, makan sayur terutama brokoli, kacang panjang n etc... kalo lebih detail boleh google cari makanan yg mengalakan cyst n makanan utk kurangkan cyst.. jgn risau... everything wil be fine.... tc

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Better to eat clean and avoid processed food