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Hi mummies, If when you're taking care of your baby and there's something you're not sure especially first time mum with no experiences in taking care of kids. Will you ask Google or ask someone who have experience like your mum, grandmother, great grandmother or relatives nanny etc.? And will you follow what they teach you or you will still Google and follow half half? I have experience taking care of babies but I realize recently alot mummies ask Google instead of believing the experience people like someone who brought us up etc. Ang moh style vs traditional style which style are you?

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Google and lots of reading while latching my baby!!! 😊. Will chit chat and share some experiences with my friends if we happen to talk about our baby! I believe in both western and traditional ways of handling my own baby. 😊

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🤔 grandmother or real person experience first. Google second. However before I follow grandmother's way, I will ask them the reason. Google only if I can't solve the problem

I’ll do both, but for Google, I’ll only give weight to PD or doc’s advice as some are available on YouTube as they have their own channels.

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I google, check expert opinion, ask other parents.. I was taken care of by helpers a lot when I was young, so no point asking my parents 😂

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Google, ask ard, share experiences, and see what works for you and your family. So mixture of angmo and traditional :)

I did both, and then decide which is better to trust as traditional methods usually have no scientific proof.

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I google for articles from reputable sources. I’m not into traditional methods especially superstitions.

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I will Google first and then ask around. Sometimes, I will even check Chinese websites to confirm.

I mostly check with my family members as well as close friends and then will ask experts

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I will google and ask my mummies friends, not the older generation