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Hi mommies I’m 37 weeks pregnant Anybody who recently delivered in NUH?? Please share your experience.. What do they provide mom and baby? What are the must bring? Birthing Will they provide coolpads, perineal spray, tummy binder? Birthing ball allowed? Will they teach about how bath baby and diaper change? We are first time parents so wanted to ask nurse.. Only both of us to take care of baby.. What are the covid restrictions? Husband allowed? It would be very helpful if u can share information about this.. yours or people u know.. Thank you so much in advance😀🙏🏻

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Super Mum

Hey mama, Breathe… at 37 weeks you need to relax. All this anxiety is not going to help!!! ❤️❤️❤️😆😆😆 I can understand that with the COVID measures in place there’s so much uncertainty. Have you tried calling the delivery suite?

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8mo ago

😁 okay.. Thank you for that😍 No.. I don’t know that I can call them ask details.. I will call them