Hi mummies..,. make my breast milk hav more milk???.., my breast milk little not enough for my baby..., I try pump try put hot compress at my breast.., =(

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try schedule latch/pump in time no matter how many ml u get. mixed FM to feed baby I try, oat milk, oatmeal, papaya milkshake , avocado milkshake, fish soup & red date soup. these work on me. 1 tried 2hr pump is too tension to me after 1 month give up and back to sleep. every body is different stay calm (coz is very struggling)... hehe.. I even take photo to record the volume. check Ur pump part and Ur flange size. soon ur BM will sufficient feed Ur LO. keep it jiayou

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Hot compress + self massage every 2-3 hrs , also hand express/pump in between latching baby on. Some foods like red dates/papaya soup can help. Drink lots of fluids, eat and rest enough, stay close to your baby.. looking at your baby and even hearing your LO cry can stimulate milk production/letdown

Hi.. before breastfeed you should massage ur nipple and around nipple first. See YouTube how to massage 😊 peanuts good to make more milk like almond or drink almond milk or soy (try find organic). Eat spinach or katuk leaf too.

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I see...,yup.i did it babe.,

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At the beginning you'll have to be hardworking to pump every 2 hours. If you latch your baby, you can try do a pump for 10 mins after latching about 10 mins later. You can also try lactation cookies as well

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How old is your baby? Do latch your baby, it will tell your body to produce more.. Demand and supply... :) You might also want to pump in between feeds.

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Thkz u.., :)

Pump every 2-3hourly and eat/drink things that can help you boost your milk supply! For me, I drank Milo with oats after pumping! Worked for me :)

try to latch as much as possible and pump after latching. Drink nursing tea or take fenugreek to boost supply

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use haakaa for the other side while u latching, u won't loose any drops of those precious milk

Pump every 2 hours + drink more especially soup + relax

Pump every 3 hours. And drink Milo too! It helps for me