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What to do if husband do not supportive in breastfeeding journey? In my 3.5mth breastfeeding journey is tough with depression. Most because my husband did not supporting me. He scold me & cursing me almost every weekend. We mutual agreed to breastfeeding before I giving birth to my LO. We went to many birth @ breastfeeding seminar & webinar. He take the notes down too. We also decided to take care baby at night during confinement. After I giving birth, because of the numbers of house add on a suck confinement nanny & maid, my husband decided to back to office to work and not take his paternity leave to accompany me. After work his concern is how is my baby and what all ppl do at home, never ask me my feeling. I was exhausted and sleeping mode after feeding my baby. But my husband & in-law keep asking me question why my baby crying or why midnight I don’t want sleep. Make me so frustrated and angry. Whenever I pump milk, my baby crying my husband will give me Long face that I not attend to my baby. Or scold me. The most I feel rude & cursing is he chase after me to kitchen with my baby and cursing me “all u know now Is pumping your fucking milk, if your baby die u tell who will drink ur fucking milk”. And my baby keep crying whenever my husband carry him that time my baby only 1.5mth old. I feeling so depressed by my husband and in-law. Why I just alone? I feel my husband only want me to help him give birth but never loving me. After giving birth he never give me any hug or encouragement words didn’t even said thank you for my hard labour. He just blame me that I making him unable to sleep well at night that affect him in day time. Unlike me can have 4 month maternity able to sleep in day time. That’s why I should attend to my baby at night. Any mummies have same experience or advise to me, please share with me. Appreciate could recommend Counsellors to me. I need back to happy me and be a happy mummy to my LO.

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