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Hi mummies, when did you feel that your body has back to 100% normal. Im almost 9 weeks pp but I feel that my body is not yet fully healed . Although not painful, I feel that there is a slight discomfort when pressing my tummy. I also still feel a bit discomfort in my pubic area. My next appointment will be this friday but wanted to check if when did you feel your body has fully recovered.

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Hey, I feel you. Yes it will take time to heal. Just do not think much about it. Have proper diet and take proper rest and in no time you will be fine :)

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I totally agree. The feeling of going back to normal comes much later than the supposed healing time. I think I only felt normal after 3 months 😅

I guess different people take different time to heal. I took about 5 months to fully heal! Includes my tailbone, pubic bone area and wrist!

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my body dont fully heal after 2 months also but it takes time, just dont work too hard on yourself and before yknow it, you heal :)

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no worries! :)

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It took me a while to feel like my body is fully healed. About 3 months.


It takes time. For my case C sec it took me about 8 months

Took me about 6 weeks! But still didn't dare to strain.

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About 2 mths