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Hi I’m a first time mum at 18 weeks but my bump is still small and I can’t feel any fetal movement yet… May I know when did your bump start showing and when did you feel your baby? Thanks!

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my first baby bump (my first child) appeared at 14 weeks, first kick felt at 16 and a half week. now im at 20 weeks and the kick has gotten stronger and has increased by day. but in the end of the day it depends on your body height and weight. im 158cm weighing at 45kg. not every body is the same so as long as you go for your antenatal check ups then u should be fine :)

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dont worry, at first i had that thinking too but like what all other mommies said, every pregnancy is diff and bumps grow at different sizes too. i think due to my placenta, i was able to feel a little movement at week 18, and more at week 20. so dont worry, u will definitely feel it soon!!

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Thank you for the reassurance!

my bump started showing at 22 - 25 weeks onwards. for fetal movement, i felt it at 18 weeks. please dont worry about the bump size coz all women are different. what matters is you are healthy, regularly take your supplements, and baby is healthy 🤗 thats all that matters!

I only started feeling movement when my baby was 5 months! So that’s around like after 20 weeks! So no worries if after 5 months you don’t feel movement, please see a doctor!

I just entered 18 weeks too, bump feels like I had a very full buffet that's all. As for fetal movements I haven't felt any too.

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Glad to know I’m not the only one! Sometimes doubting if I’m pregnant cos I can’t see and feel much changes haha

First baby ?? 1st baby usually abit late to feel movement . At around 20 something weeks should can feel already .

My baby bump became obvious when I’m near 7.5 month pregnant. Started feeling baby movement at 22weeks. 🥰

I also had a small bump and only showing between week 25-30. I felt fetal movement from week 26 onwards.

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every pregnancy is different and usually first pregnancy can only feel movement around 21 weeks

i felt movements ard 20 weeks as i have anterior placenta. bump showed areound that time too