No symptoms on 8-9 weeks

Hey mummies! Is it normal to not feel anything at this period? When i was on my 5-7 weeks like i feel im really pregnant. My body is sore, boobs are sore and ive had cramps with spotting as well. But now, i dont feel anything so much. Like sometimes i forget i am pregnant. Is this normal? Going to have my check up tomorrow and see if there’s a heartbeat. I feel anxious until my check up especially now im not feeling anything. #advicepls #firsttimemom #firstbaby

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I’m at my week 13 now and I feel totally “un-pregnant” in the morning and afternoon. then during evening.. the bloated feeling and nausea feeling came back.. I’m so confuse sometimes. Like I tot oh yea! Today is the day I feel fine.. then afternoon all syndrome kick in and I feel uncomfortable again. The worse was week 10&11. I could hardly eat anything and the tailbone pain is so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed. So enjoy it when you feel comfortable!

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I actually feel similar too. My symptoms came at week 6, was having bloatedness and nausea that made me so uncomfortable and the fatigue was quite bad too. Then week 7 was the worse. Now I've just reached week 8 and I realized that this week I'm feeling so much better. My bloatedness and fatigue have improved and my nausea seems to have gone away. I believe its normal for pregnancy symptoms to come and go so don't worry about it! (:

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2y ago

thanks for sharing! I was at my worse at week 6 and 7, now I'm feeling better with occasionally gagging. I'm constantly worry and paranoid because I forgotten I'm pregnant at times too. waiting for next check up in 2 weeks time!

omg im feeling the same as you! but i do still feel sore boobs and aching at times & heading for my second scan tmr! #firsttimemom #firstbaby

2y ago

Omg thanks for your reply. At least now i feel im not alone in this. All the best in your check up tomorrow!