Intimacy after childbirth

Hi mummies, First time mummy here. Curious to know when did you feel ready to get intimate with your husband again after childbirth? How do you know if you are ready mentally, emotionally and physically (how can you tell if your body has healed fully?). How does it feel like to engage sexually for the first time after childbirth? Appreciate any sharing of past experiences!

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After my first birth, i waited 2 months. we attempted to a few times after confinement but i just couldnt. i was so scared because i had a traumatic birth. and also i was a FTM everything was very chaotic so my body and brain were so TIRED. my husband was a new dad too, and it felt like i wasnt getting much help from him. after confinement we did a little hanky panky but no penetration. but when we did do it, it HURT. we didnt do it again for another 2 weeks or so after that. but for my second birth, as soon as I finish confinement we did it 😂 i didnt feel scared or tired or anything cos by the 2nd baby my husband knows how to help me and lessen my burden. i feel like your environment also plays a part. if hubby just adding on stress you also wont feel like wanting to have sex. and DONT have sex because you feel like pity your husband must wait so long. important is you heal first. mentally and physically. all the best mama

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I started to only have intimacy moment with my husband when my stitches heal and after I'm done with my confinement. Having said that we don't do often. Perhaps in a month twice or thrice. This is to avoid tearing or discomfort. During follow up I was also given lubricant so that I dont feel discomfort. I did told them I feel pain and doctor mentioned perhaps it is too dry. If i'm too tired, i'm aint in the mood, i will voice out that i'm not ready. During my confinement, my masseuse informed that we must ensure our inner body heal and we feel comfortable. Don't do when you are not ready or properly heal, this will affect you in your next conceiving. Hope this helps.

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I did it after confinement when the wound ald healed. I think I am too tensed due to uncertainties so i felt the pain. After a few sessions, i tried to relax then ok, back to normal 😊

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