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Hi mummies! What's the formula to calculate how much baby should drink by weight? My baby seems to keep wanting milk and end up we feed him every 1.5 hrs. Also how do u sterilise pacifier each time after baby use? Thanks!

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i dont follow any formula tho :/ i just follow the standard guidelines stated on the tin itself. like for 0-2weeks = 60mls or 2-4weeks=90mls kind, depending on your formula brand. my baby is only 18days old and also been drinking 1-4hrly. maybe its just their growth spurts. went for checkup last week and told the nurse and doctor, they said its fine. im not sure so if im wrong, do correct me. :) if you're worried you're overfeeding your baby, consult pd. ask for advices.

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I didn't do a proper calculation. We started with 30ml (discard whatever she can't finishes) & slowly increase 10ml each time by her demand/when she cries for more. Baby is about 8weeks old now & she drinks about 90-100ml.

How old is your child. During 2-4months I almost feed 60ml every hours. But now he just stick to 120ml-150ml every three hourly

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Through trial and error...(: Just see how much your baby drinks the first few times ...

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Steam steriliser then. Will have 3 pacifiers.

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150-200ml/kg/day for newborns

Check out "Growth Spurt"